History of the breeding station 

The original idea of bringing the first female Hovawart to Czechoslovakia has been successfully realized in 1986. One and half year old Jessy vom Elbflorenz from Ms. Christa Engelhardt has been registered  in Julius Cerman’s kennel.

Kennel Eilleen has been established in 1987. First registerd dog was the female hovawart Aspa Tyrus, daughter of Jessy vom Elbflorenz and Falko vom Elbflorenz. Aspa Tyrus had 4 litters and she gave birth to several high quality individuals (one of the most famous was Andrijana Eillen, ancestress of Mr.Baumann’s kennel in Bratislava). Aspa died in the age of 9.

Next registered dog in the kennel Eillen was male dog Drakles Evil Eilleen, descendant from Aspa Tyrus’s fourth litter. He was paired only twice in his life, but due to health indisposition of the female individual, no puppies have been born. Drakles died in the age of 9 1/2, week after the operation of stomach torsion. The death was caused by allergic reaction on operational material.

After Drakles, kennel Eilleen has provided shelter to Xanthia Biely Démon (F) and Barny from Lakšársky Dvor (M), who have been saved from being put down by their initial owners. Both have been inserted into breed with DBK 0/0 (Xanthia in 2003 and Barny in 2004).

Other “temporary” visitors have been Abra Pávie Očko and her sister Aqua Pávie Očko. Aqua was later renamed to “Katka” and adopted by Lopatník family in Borský Svätý Jur. After sudden death of Abruska and Xanthia in 2006 and 4 months of thoughtful consideration I have decided to start over again from scratch. I have brought the black female dog Esira vom Pfarrhof from Germany and she became the new successor of breeding in kennel Eilleen ( 2007).

I have decided to leave Slovakia and move to neighbouring Austria, where I have reregistered my kennel.


It was one of the first hovawart kennels in former Czechoslovakia. It produced several well-known sires and bitches of Hovawart. The descendants of my kennel have been very successful and have distinguished themselves by many awards. My kennel is significantly contributing to the development and breeding of Hovawarts in Slovakia for more than 24 years.

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